Farewell to Streetlight Manifesto (for now)

There's nothing about New Jersey that makes me prouder than Streetlight Manifesto. I've been following this band for ten years - since the moment my best friend handed me a burned copy of Everything Goes Numb in summer 2003 - and being able to grow up alongside their career arc is probably one of the best things that's ever happened to me. Their songs are kindred, wise spirits. Witnessing their enormous room-filling passion inspired me to chase creative passions of my own. 

Though Streetlight's musical maturity renders them the type of band you don't outgrow, I thought I'd experienced the maximum energy I'd ever feel at a concert (at several of their shows over the last decade) - that is, until this weekend. Facing an uncertain future, the band played their "final" three shows at Starland Ballroom at the pinnacle of musical intensity. I spent a few minutes during their Friday show in the photo pit as multiple crowd surfers fell over the rail and onto me. The adrenaline rush of being so close to my heroes in the midst of barely-controlled chaos is a feeling I've felt before, but this time it felt even better to channel the adrenaline through my camera lens.

Thank you, Streetlight, for an amazing ten years.